Victorian Maiden- british check op

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a bunch of people were saying they found my last arm study helpful, so i thought i’d post my other ones here too :D

omg third one on the second row is the reference I’ve been needing for a picture forever

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Wine and Ivory Jacket
Jacket made of heavy wool in wine and cream. Tight fitting, hip-length jacket with stand-up collar. Front attached vest is ornately trimmed with maroon machine embroidery. The same trim is found on the shoulder, bottom of sleeve and on the back. Skirt of the jacket is shaped to fit over a bustle. c. 1890s. | NDSU

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A couple people asked me how I vary my leaves and trees and honestly, it’s super easy! I’ve never made a tutorial/guide before so I kept this mega simple but I hope someone out there might find it useful at least!

Also, anyone can download the brushes I use for all my art on my tumblr page (: I only use around 5 so go nuts haha

Wow! Reblogging this for reference. I gotta start drawing more backgrounds.

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<That man is mine>